Because we could all use a bit of structure, right?

Work with a professional dog trainer who believes in the power of good communication between you and your dog. Boston Fetch offers comprehensive dog training with our in house trainer, Zoe Peters.

Zoe is an experienced handler and trainer, having graduated from the prestigious Victoria Stillwell Academy and gone on to start her own training company (Daring Dog Training, now a part of Boston Fetch). Zoe has quickly gained a reputation for providing effective and efficient training sessions (see her reviews on Facebook). 

The Boston Fetch Training Method


Our approach uses positive reinforcement and collaborative exercises to reinforce proper behavior and communication between you and your dog(s). Led by Zoe, our training is inspired by the work of Patricia McConnell, Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, Dr. Susan Friedman, Dr. Brian Hare, Suzanne Clothier, Karen Pryor, Dr. Greg Berns, and many others. Zoe uses a form of training that is based in this approach: do no harm. This is a rewards-based method, using as much positive reinforcement as possible and employing evidence-based practices inspired by cutting edge research in the field.

We believe in tailoring our programs to meet you and your dogs needs, and provide extensive follow up and continued practice reports for your convenience.

Services and Prices

The Basics 

These are general training sessions with you and your dog and cover a wide range of areas. Once you book, we will ask you to answer some questions and sign a waiver, and that will set us up to be most effective during our first session! After each session, you will get an extensive document with an evaluation, activities to practice with your pup, and any additional recommended resources. That way, you can stay focused on your dog during our time together. The document will remind you of everything we spoke about, and be a resource whenever you need!

Sessions are designed to be engaging, fun, positive, and effective for everyone!

1 Hour Consultation - $80

1 Hour Session of Continued Training - $70

Available on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Rescue Acclimation

Did you recently adopt a dog? This is for you! This includes everything a normal consultation does: a thorough behavior evaluation, how to train your dog, activities to practice, and additional resources!

We know from personal experience - adopting a dog is hard. Usually there is no way to know what it's history is and what may arise. This is the perfect way to get on the right track immediately and set yourself up for success!

1 Hour Consultation - $60

1 Hour Session of Continued Training - $70

Available on Tuesdays and Saturdays

Puppy Package

YAY! You got a puppy! This is exciting news! It's not all cute floppy ears and super soft fur, though, is it? Sometimes it's mouthing, ignoring you, soiling the house, not walking on walks...

If you just got a puppy and are having any of these issues (or more) or you just want to make sure you're doing the right things, this option is for you!

1 Hour Consultation - $70

1 Hour Session of Continued Training - $60

Available on Tuesdays and Saturdays

If you're a current customer please email us to book a session (we will add it in Pet Check later).

If you aren't a current customer and would like to book some training sessions, please get started here: