We adopted our dog Smith in 2013. He's the best dog we could imagine and it is he who motivated us to start our own business. 

It really helped that we all have so much in common:

  • He loves long walks - so do we!

  • We didn't enjoy working in an office - neither did he!

  • We love dogs - he's a dog!

  • We wanted to be our own boss - so did he!

  • He is highly motivated by food - as are we!

  • We love living in JP - and so does he!

To be honest, in hindsight it may have been a mistake taking business advice from a dog. He does very little actual work and he will never be allowed anywhere near a profit and loss report again, but no one knows more about dog walking than him. Smith has taught us about pace, route, how to tackle pulling, and most importantly that we should always take a second bag.

We love Smith, we love pets, we love Boston and we're sure we will love working with you and your dog (or cat)!

 - Sophie, Derrick and the Boston Fetch Pack

Our Awesome Staff

Hannah H

Ops Manager

A native of the Boston suburbs, Hannah is a recent transplant to JP and has been with Boston Fetch since October 2016. After growing up in a house full of arguably too many cats, she is finally living her dream of becoming a fully-fledged 'dog person' (without giving up the kitties of course). When not hanging out with other people's pets she enjoys knitting, baking, and deep frying every available food item.

Hannah has been working with Boston Fetch since 2016

Hannah completed 2,651 walks in 2017.


Ops Coordinator

Erik is originally from the Boston suburbs and has lived in JP for the past 8 years. He has always been a cat lover, but after working with Boston Fetch it's safe to say he loves pups as well. When he’s not taking care of some pups or kitties, he spends his time painting, going to shows around Boston, and cooking tasty vegan food.

Erik has been working with Boston Fetch since 2017.

Erik completed 2,184 walks in 2018.



Dan is a Miami native who moved to Boston in 2013 to study music at the New England conservatory and fell in love with the city (especially JP!). He loves dogs and misses his little Lhasa Apso mix in Miami so much that the only way he can cope is to walk your dogs! Outside of Boston fetch you can find Dan walking around JP, going to thrift stores and hiking around New England (when not playing music)!

Daniel has been working with Boston Fetch since 2017.

Daniel completed 928 walks in 2018.



Kris has been a dog person since birth, and has been with Boston Fetch since January 2018. She spends her time doing yoga, painting, cooking, and training/cuddling her adorable American Staffordshire Terrier+Australian cattle dog mix, Carly! Her experience while volunteering at a humane society, her work with Carly, and her interactions with Boston Fetch pups have all been so awesome that she is considering becoming a professional dog trainer!

Kris has been working with Boston Fetch since 2018.

Kris completed 1,382 walks in 2018.

Hannah S


Hannah is a life-long animal person. She has loved many dogs and cats, beginning at age five with her family pet Kate, a smart and sweet calico cat. Hailing from central NY state, she has been lucky enough to reside it Jamaica Plain for over a decade. A personal care attendant, peer advocate, and massage therapist-in-training, Hannah enjoys remembering her dreams, cooking and baking vegan food, and wandering the Arboretum and Franklin parks.

Hannah has been working with Boston Fetch since 2017.

Hannah completed 1,811 walks in 2018.



Liz's very first love was her big, sweet, excitable, stubborn mutt named Katama. She is originally from the south shore, and spent the beginning of her twenties gallavanting around Europe and the U.S. Ten years ago, her bestie of eighth grade needed a roommate in Boston, and Liz hasn't left JP--or that apartment--since! Now Liz has all the jobs her six year old self dreamed of-- Actor, Teacher, Clown, and now Dog Walker!

Liz has been working with Boston Fetch since 2018.



Rayna has always had a strong bond with animals. Growing up in India, she spent her childhood rescuing and rehabilitating strays. When she moved to Boston, she had to leave her dog Jackson behind and has been borrowing time with other people's pets ever since. Dogs respond well to her soothing voice and calm mama energy. In 2018 she quit corporate life to fully chase her artistic dreams, and is thrilled to be discovering her wonderful new JP neighborhood on foot with furry friends in tow.

Rayna has been working with Boston Fetch since 2019.



Cortnay grew up in the marshes on the eastern shore of Maryland and was lucky to have animal teachers of all kinds: raccoons, baby crabs, preying mantis, owls, terrapins, deer, and especially dogs :). Her friend Tal the dog one time led her into a close encounter with (many) turkeys, but everyone ended up alright! When not walking unbelievably sweethearted and amazing dogs with Boston Fetch, Cortnay can be found learning massage and herbalism, making community art and helping fight displacement in Boston with CLVU, her movement home for the past 9 years.

Cortnay has been working with Boston Fetch since 2019.



Peri has always been known to approach street cats and pet them amicably, but didn't grow up with a dog. Then they and their partner rescued Carly, an American Staffordshire Terrier/Australian Cattledog mix, and they have only grown in their understanding of dog behavior and as a dog lover. Peri brings affection to their work and is flexible/knowledgeable about meeting a dog's personal needs. When they're not hanging out with your pup they try to prioritize reading in hammocks, making the perfect pancake, and watching the best netflix originals. A future therapist/ASL interpreter, Peri is focused on finishing their BA in Anthropology.

Peri has been working with Boston Fetch since 2018.



Tamara is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and has been in Boston since 2002. She and her husband, Dave, have been enjoying living in JP since 2009. She has had a deep love for animals since childhood, “Growing-up we had dogs, a cat, a guinea pig, and a hamster, though not all at once. I even used to go horseback riding quite a bit too. I’ve just always loved animals of all kinds.” Outside of Boston Fetch, Tamara enjoys spending her time doing yoga, Pilates, cooking tasty but healthy food, and dancing.

“I really enjoy getting to know each dog’s unique personality and seeing how intelligent each one is. Their likes and dislikes, what they find funny and entertaining—how they walk, what they look at, even where (and when) they like to do their business. It just cracks me up.”

Tamara has been working with Boston Fetch since 2019.



Bio coming soon!



Salter is a recent and very enthusiastic addition to the Boston Fetch team. In February of 2019, they went pro after serving as the favorite live-in dog uncle of pups up and down the east coast. Originally from South Carolina, Salter loves the walkability of JP, and believes that just about any walk can be improved by the company of a dog. When they’re not walking or sitting, Salter enjoys spoiling their roommate’s dog Gus, exploring the hiking trails of New England, and taking photographs. 

Salter has been working with Boston Fetch since 2019.